Welcome to the PSSA website.  We hope you will take a few moments and browse through the information located here.  If you find there is something missing or you aren’t sure where to find it, please email your PSSA Secretary, Jennifer Essinger at pickeringtonssasecretary@gmail.com

All PSSA Local Meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Due to Covid 19, all meetings will be held via Zoom, unless notified otherwise.

8/11/20 – Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 pm
08/31/20 – Nominations for OEA/NEA RA Delegates due to PickeringtonSSAelections@gmail.com
9/8/20 – General Membership Meeting 5:00 pm
09/08/20 – **voting for OEA/NEA RA Delegates
10/13/20 – PSSA Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 PM
11/10/20 – PSSA Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 PM
12/8/20     –  PSSA Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 PM
01/21     –  Zoom Meeting (if needed)
02/09/21 – PSSA Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 PM
03/09/21 – PSSA General Membership Meeting 5:00 PM
04/13/21 – PSSA Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 PM
05/11/21 – PSSA Executive Committee Meeting 5:00 PM


2020-2021 OEA/NEA Events
Central All-Area Delegate Briefing (Location/Time TBD)
Fall OEA  Representative Assembly(Location/Time TBD)
OEA Central Representative Assembly (Location/Time TBD)
Spring OEA Representative Assembly (Location/Time TBD)
Summer 2021 NEA Representative Assembly (Location/Time TBD)

**Executive Committee Meetings:  All Officers and Building Reps
(all members are welcome to attend, but it is not necessary unless otherwise stated)

**General Membership Meetings:  Officers, Building Reps and All Members.
Representative Assemblies – PSSA Elected Representatives only


PSSA Contact Information:

President:  Joie Moore – pickeringtonssapres@gmail.com
Vice President:  Betty Stewart – bettystewart.pssa@gmail.com
Secretary:  Jessica Seymour – pickeringtonssasecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer:  Tammy Barletta- pickeringtonssatreasurer@gmail.com

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